I'm a Vancouverite & a Canucks fan. This blog is dedicated to the the amazing and heartbreaking Canucks franchise.
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"I’m going down with the ship. I’ll be here until they throw me out of here. I still believe in this team and this group, and I still think we can win." - Kevin Bieksa

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make me choose 

 vrtanen asked: Jake Virtanen or Thatcher Demko

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Anonymous whispered: wheres the gif set from where jake virtanen talks about his celebrity crush etc?

They’re from three different videos. Click here and check out the most recent ones.

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"I don’t know where [the rumor of not liking Chris Tanev] comes from. I’m a big fan of his. He made big strides last year."
—Jim Benning (+)

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Eddie Lack - @eddielack [insp]

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