I'm a Vancouverite & a Canucks fan. This blog is dedicated to the the amazing and heartbreaking Canucks franchise.
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"I’m going down with the ship. I’ll be here until they throw me out of here. I still believe in this team and this group, and I still think we can win." - Kevin Bieksa

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vancouver canucks + mood board (insp)

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12 hottest NHL dads as per this survey- #9: kevin bieksa

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New jerseys: Bonino (13), Miller (30), Sbisa (5), Vrbata (17)

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"I don’t get lost, but I still don’t understand too much [English]. I can say some simple phrases. I was lucky that at the Canucks camp the guys warmly welcomed me, they helped a lot and explained what they wanted with gestures.

You can go to Vancouver’s head coach and tell him ‘Hi, my name’s Nikita and I want to play for your team’ and start talking about life. Or you can simply go to the guys and say ‘I’m like this, let’s be friends.’ At home [in Russia] it’s not like that, it’s a bit different."
—Nikita Tryamkin (+)

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Over there the objective must be to win every year. That is the goal we have. Vancouver does not attempt to rebuild the five years in the future as many teams.

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"The first time Jared McCann was on the ice he was awkward, knock-kneed and in figure skates. He left crying, and vowing he’d never be back.

‘I just remembered falling a lot,’ McCann said. ‘It was just really hard.’"
—Jared McCann brings edge and attitude to the Canucks (+)

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